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Flow Stick

The online-shop sells besides their new breathtrainers our Trumpetstands!

© Stefan Leitner

Ricco Kühn – Horns & Trumpets

In between Ricco Kuehns handcrafted masterinstruments there are two Leitner4all (in ocean-blue and pitch-black) to experience in the new sales room in Oederan/Saxonia.

© Ricco Kühn

Anton Possegger – Music store and Master Manufactory

In Dellach/Carinthia, in the musik store of Anton Possegger there is a Leitner4all in pitch-black to experience. Next to exciting handcrafted instruments it’s hard to say who is stealing who’s show.

© Anton Possegger

The Symphony Orchestra –

stage plan of the Middle Saxonian Philharmonic Orchestra and their original instruments.
✓ poster in A1. 170g offset printing on matt paper.
✓ Pictures and design: Stefan Leitner (2019).

One Poster 10€, every further Poster 5€ (exclusive shipping).