arrival of Leitner2all – Leitner8all as a prototyp

October 2020 – Leitner2all will be available.

Meanwhile the prototype of Leitner8all gets build – the family grows 😉

Tidiness At Home

is currently more noticeable than ever. Not only for us trumpet players 😉

April 2020 – From Lower Saxony we received good news:

„The trumpet stand has arrived today safely: amazing packaging, very solid workmanship and on top realy fancy. And immediately the practice room is tidid up. (…) I am very satisfied, a great product!“

Historical Tasks

February 2020 – Thanks to Wolfgang „Hoisi“ Gaisböck for your pictures 😎🎺 (


©Linus Krimhove

December 2019 – they are still individuals in circulation: the trumpetstands in Ocean-Blue.
Here the one of Linus Krimphove, Dresden 😍

Carrying. Assembling. Enjoying.

November 2019 – An alternativ instruction for the trumpet stand.

Music Credits:

Leitner4all –first series has been shipped

November 2019 – Univ.Prof. Mag. Andreas Öttl, principal trumpet player of the Bavarian State Orchestra about his Leitner4all in cherry-red:

© Andreas Öttl

„Andreas Öttl is feeling thankful with Stefan Leitner.

My Leitner4all has arrived and will be used for the first time officially on 14.12.2019, 20:00 in St. Michael, Munich.
Christmas with OperaBrass – the brass player of the Bavarian State Opera.



August 2019 – Acid tests for the planned trumpet stand for 4 trumpets – Leitner4all.

Styrian paggaging

Sept. 2019 – Packed up by Steirerpack! The transport boxes are ordered. 😎